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Leno-Bag with handle 30x47 (up to 10kg) 12g purple

Leno-Bag with handle 30x47 (up to 10kg) 12g purple

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Leno-bags is the cheappest packaging to harvest vegetables

On top of it, colour of bags make your products more attractive to the buyer. For example, packing potatso in a purple net will make the vegetables look saturated or ripe.

The net can be used not only for vegetables, but also as packaging for fruits - apples, oranges, apricots, pears and many others.

To make storage and transportation more easy, each net has a tie and a handle, which protect the goods, and also makes it possible to place the goods in such packaging on store windows. The polyethylene thread has a resistant to mechanical damage, stretching and breaking.

The purple color is intended for packing potatoes, eggplant, nuts.

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